Canada’s only national conference examining ALC patient care to help reduce readmission rates, improve patient flow & resource allocation.

The Canadian Alternate level of Care Conference is all about identifying and exploring tools aimed at improving patient flow and access to care across all silos of the healthcare system. The conference format will include case based presentations, 1st hand experiences, workshops & more to encourage sharing of best practices to improve the continuum of care. Our goal is to create an environment to foster collaborative dialogue, plan of action development & strategic partnering from stakeholders representing the spectrum of care on shared priorities to improve the delivery of the appropriate level of care in the proper setting to all patients.

Highlighting Evidence Based Approaches to Improve:


Patient Flow & Service Integration


Health System Delivery, Financing & Sustainability


Quality, Safety & Patient Outcomes


Workforce & Work Environment


Leadership & Interprofessional Collaboration

Featuring industry leading speakers from across the nation & abroad!

  •  British Columbia
  •  Ontario
  •  Manitoba
  •  Alberta
  •  Newfoundland
  •  Nova Scotia

Who will you meet?

  •  Hospital Leadership COO, CNO, CMO, CFO, CIO
  •  Hospital Operations Directors
  •  Throughput Specialists & Lean Managers
  •  Emergency Department Leaders
  •  Quality Improvement Directors
  •  Nurse educators & team leaders
  •  Care Coordinators & Case Managers
  •  Social Workers
  •  Family & Community Caregivers
  •  Transfer Center Leaders
  •  Bed Management Leaders
  •  Rehabilitation Specialists: Occupational, Physiotherapy
  •  Health Systems Research Experts
  •  Health Policy Advisors

Featured Speakers

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